Maximum Performance - Week 5


Increase Shoulder Rotation
Keeping with the last two weeks of yoga tips for increasing rotation this week's exercises target shoulder rotation and posture. Without proper posture in the address position, it is like building a house on unstable ground. These are two of my favorite poses because they are executed with tremendous focus on movement, just like the golf swing.
The first pose is recommended for all golfers but specifically older, senior golfers. As we age, experience sedentary lifestyles and sit at computers for extended periods of time we often develop rounded shoulders and a 'hump' in the thoracic spine. This exercise targets this area which not only supports better posture in your swing but increases mobility in the thoracic spine. You will need a foam roller or three towels rolled up like a 'tootsie roll'.
Dynamic, Thoracic Mobilization pose

Katherine Roberts

Set up: Place the roller directly under the thoracic spine and use two yoga blocks or towels supporting the head and neck.
Katherine Roberts

Position One: Roll onto the left shoulder and bring the palms together. Allow the eyes and head to follow the hands. Inhale deeply and slowly bring the right palm along the left arm as you roll onto the thoracic spine. Exhale and return to the starting position.
Position Two: With each inhalation you increase the range of motion as you roll back onto the thoracic spine, increasing mobility. Remember to return the starting position.
Position Three: Allow five to seven breaths to get the body to the fully open position, the chest facing the sky. Hold here for five more breaths. Switch sides.
Twisting Table pose

Set up: Begin on all fours, spreading the fingers wide and pulling the navel towards the spine. Focus on your core, supporting your low back. Do not let the back 'sink down'.
Katherine Roberts

Position One: (Par Level) Inhale and lift the right arm parallel to the ground.
Katherine Roberts

Position Two: (Birdie / Eagle level) Inhale and twist from the torso as you lift the right arm towards the sky.
Katherine Roberts

Position Three: Exhale and thread the right arm through the left, allowing the head to rest on the floor. Note: Do not do this pose if you have any issues with your neck. If you do not have the flexibility to get your shoulder to the floor, rest your head on one or two yoga blocks. Hold for three breaths, visualize your shoulder turn and FEEL the movement in your shoulders. Switch sides.
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