Maximum Performance Week 7


Here is the last week of the Maximum Performance series and at this point in our program you own a very comprehensive, intensive program combining yoga, Pilates, the balance ball and power swing trainer. We have included flexibility and strength in the lower and upper body, balance, focus and this week we work on posture.
Previously, we have discussed the importance of posture as it relates to your set-up and dynamic swing phase. Some of the exercises include the entire core of the body and primarily target the strength and flexibility needed to maintain proper posture. This week our primary focus includes the chest or pec muscles, and thoracic spine. The upward facing dog pose on the ball will also increase strength in the lumbar spine and glutes.
Here we go!
Chest opener at the wall (or during the round):

Place the right leg forward and the left leg back as if coming into a crescent warrior pose. The right knee is slightly bent and you are on the ball of the left foot. Bring the right hand to the wall slightly lower than shoulder height. Draw the navel towards the spine and on the exhalation revolve your chest and torso towards the left side of the body as you focus on the stretch in the chest. Inhale as you return slightly towards the starting position. Repeat five to ten times and switch sides.
Note: I practice this pose during the round by using the vertical stanchion of the golf cart as the wall.
Chest opener on the balance ball:

Begin in a supine position on the balance ball. Keep the neck and head supported by the ball. Draw the navel towards the spine, fire up the glutes and bring the lower body parallel to the floor. Clasp the hands behind the neck and on the exhalation press the elbows back feeling the stretch in the pecs. Repeat ten times.
Extended table pose with lateral extension:

Begin on all fours and draw the navel towards the spine. Extend the left arm and right leg. Hold for a count of five and then bring the left arm to the left and right leg to the right. The key to this pose is to stabilize the core muscles, abdominals and erector spinae. Hold this laterally extended position for five breaths and switch sides. Repeat this pose three times on each side.
Note: Here is a trick to executing this pose.Focus your eyes approximately one foot in front of your yoga mat.
Upward facing dog pose in the balance ball:

Begin by placing the balance ball directly under the hips. Place the feet hip width apart for the PAR level and together for the BIRDIE or EAGLE level.

Place the hands directly under the shoulders and on the inhalation draw the navel towards the spine and engage the glutes. On the exhalation straighten the arms, roll the shoulders back and focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together.
Note: Although this pose includes the glutes and lumbar spine, I want you to focus on the thoracic spine. Repeat five times.
For more intensity bring the hands to the waist and for even more intensity bring clasp the hands together behind the back.
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