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Golfers stop me in the most unusual places, often a grocery store or airport and ask me advice regarding their performance and injuries. The most common questions involve the areas around the top of the glute, lumbar spine and front of the hip.
This week I want to share with you a pose that I often refer to as the mother of all yoga poses. The pigeon pose, targets all the areas listed above and is one of the most effective poses for releasing stress, strain and general discomfort in the hips and lumbar spine. If your lifestyle requires a tremendous amount of sitting (or in my case airplane travel) this is the pose for you. If you are a golfer who experiences discomfort in the hips during or after a round this pose will bring you relief.

This weeks yoga pose combined with last weeks hip series targets the ability to rotate the pelvis in an anterior and posterior tilt and develops more mobility in the hips. As we know, more hip mobility, stability and strength translates into more power! As many of you know I am the yoga conditioning expert for the San Diego Padres. We use this pose with the pitchers and position players everyday.
Pigeon pose:

For this pose you need two yoga blocks or two rolled up bath towels.
Yoga for Golfers

Begin on all fours placing the hands directly under the shoulders.
Yoga for Golfers

Bring the left knee to the left wrist. Now using the right hand bring the left foot towards the front of the mat.
You should not feel ANY discomfort in the knee. If you feel this in the knee come out of the pose and practice the dynamic modified pigeon pose on the balance ball from last weeks series.
Yoga for Golfers

Slide the right leg towards the back of the mat as you lower the hips towards the mat.
Yoga for Golfers

Begin by placing two yoga blocks under the left buttocks.
Yoga for Golfers

For more intensity, remove one of the blocks. If you are very flexible remove both blocks and come down to the forearms.
Yoga for Golfers

Hold this pose for five to ten breaths and switch sides. My recommendation is to do this pose post-round and hold the pose for one to two minutes.
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