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II played a round of golf yesterday and for the most part it was a wonderful day. My husband I played a great course on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. The sun was shining, a young buck came within four feet of us and we saw a bear and her two cubs run across the fairway. We had a great day on the course ' two golfers enjoying the camaraderie, co-existing with the animals and nature. There was only one problem ' the hook shot that reared its ugly head every four holes. UGH!!!
In my mind I am thinking, Why do the golf Gods do this to me? I believe I am a lovely person, full of life, committed to being of service to my fellow man and animals and yet the golf Gods continue to play with my head! Cant they cut me a break and take away the hook?
Okay, okay..back to golf fitness.
I know many of you have felt this same frustration as well as elation when you hit it long and straight off the tee. The point here is that because I have the physical mobility, strength and body awareness, I was able to make the revisions necessary out on the course to alleviate the hook (or at least minimize the hook) out on the course.
The combination of strength and flexibility are necessary to make these changes.
Over the past three weeks my articles focused on strength generation so I decided this week to put in a flexibility exercise.
Last week we incorporated the Single Leg Dead lift. This week we add a stretching exercise for the hips, specifically the psoas, quads, and intercostals.
Lets get started!
Hip / Intercostals stretch with golf club

Begin with your left leg forward, knee at a ninety degree angle and your right knee is on the floor. Note: Slide your right leg back so you are not directly on the knee. If necessary place a towel under your right knee for more comfort.
Focus on the stretch in the right psoas / hip flexor and quads.
Place a club in your left hand for better balance.
Extend your right arm toward the ceiling, stretching the right side of your body. Hold for five breaths. Inhale deeply as you stretch your right side toward the left. Repeat dynamically five times and then hold for five more breaths.
Switch sides and repeat.

Hip / Intercostals stretch with golf club

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