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It is not a coincidence that one of my biggest selling DVDs is called More Power and Distance. Lets face it. Do you know any golfer who is satisfied with how far they hit the ball? Most of us can use more power in our swing and more distance off the tee and in the fairways.
One of my methodologies for training golfers is to first establish flexibility or mobility. Then I incorporate stability training followed by strength and explosive conditioning. Over the past five weeks my articles have focuses on flexibility and many of my archived articles focus on stability. This week launches a new series on strength.
Because many of these exercises are complex, requiring focus on core stabilization as well as balance we are going to take it slow. Ill introduce one exercise per week. Take the time to master the movement and focus on the subtleties of the exercise.
Remember to breath deeply, exhaling on the exertion phase of the exercise.
Lets get started!

Stationary lunge with rotation

Par level

Place your right leg forward, knee bent at a ninety degree angle, left leg back with your knee on the floor and your club extended just below shoulder height.
Inhale deeply as you pull your navel towards your spine. Exhale as you rotate your trunk to the right and repeat the rotation to the left.
Repeat ten times in each direction.

Birdie / Eagle levels

Lift your left knee off the floor, placing the lower body in a runners lunge. Repeat the rotations.
Switch sides.

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