The New Year Challenge Week 3


The New Year Challenge ' Lower Body ' Assessments and Solutions
The first week of the challenge tested your lower body flexibility and balance.
This week I will give you a number of exercises designed to increase your lower body flexibility and build more strength. The amount of information required to effectively target your lower body is extensive. To sufficiently provide you with a series of effective yoga postures I divided the lower body and balance exercises into two weeks of content.
Lets get to it!
Assessment recap:
Hamstring flexibility: Measures hamstring flexibility:
Stand with your feet hip width apart, legs straight and slowly fold forward. Do not bounce. Cross the arms and measure the length of the elbows to the floor.
Note: shift your weight over the balls of your feet.
Head to knee pose with strap:
Extend your right leg, placing the sole of your foot as close as possible to the inside of your right upper thigh. Turn your hips and torso towards the right leg. Inhale as you lengthen your spine, exhale and fold over you right leg. Hold for seven deep breaths and switch sides.
Fitness tip:
Flex your right quad and right foot.
Switch sides.


Legs up the wall ' Passive hamstring stretch
Bring your hips as close as possible to the wall. Place the legs up the wall. Relax for three minutes.

Standing hamstring stretch with golf club:
Place the legs wider than hip width apart, internally rotating the legs and feet (pigeon toed position). Flex the quads and bring the body parallel to the floor. Hold for ten breaths. Repeat three times.

Assessment recap:
Hip flexion: Measures mobility in the hips, gluts and hamstrings.
Stand with the feet hip width apart and squat down as low as possible, ultimately bringing the hips parallel to the floor. Attempt an upright posture. Measure the
angle of your hips to your upper body and your ability to lower the hips towards the floor.
Chair pose with the balance ball:,/b>
Place the feet slightly wider than hip width apart, pull the navel inward to stabilize your trunk. Inhale deeply as you lower your gluts towards the ball. When your gluts slightly touch the ball, hold for three breaths and return to the starting position. Repeat five times.

Lunge sequence with balance ball:
Place the balance ball between your hand, gently pressing your hands into the ball. Maintain this isometric action with the upper body. Inhale and lunge the left leg forward, exhale to a standing position. To strengthen the right glut and challenge your balance, squeeze the right glut when you bring your body to the finish position. Alternately switch sides and repeat five to ten times on each side.

Next week we our exercises continue to target your lower body.
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