The New Year Challenge Week 6


New Years Challenge ' Week 6 - More core and ROM!
We have arrived at the end of the New Years Challenge. If you missed any of the assessments and solutions read and print out my archived articles. At this point in our series you have a comprehensive series of assessments and solutions targeting your lower body, upper body and core. Continue with the exercises for the next four weeks, three times a week and retest yourself at the end of the four weeks. I guarantee an increase in flexibility and strength!
Lets get started!
Standing baseline rotation: Measures range of motion in the trunk.:
Mark a spot on the floor that you can come back to in a few weeks. Standing tall, bring the right hand to shoulder height. Focus the eyes over the right forefinger. Inhale deeply and on your exhalation rotate the torso towards the back of the room. Line up your right forefinger with a spot on the wall behind you. Retest your range of motion after your yoga for golfers workout. I can guarantee a minimum of 20% increase in your range of motion.
Tip: This is a great stretch for the hamstrings, hips and back
Spinal rotation with strap:
Place the strap in your right hand and around your left foot. Extend your right leg and flex both quads and feet. Inhale as you bring your left leg and hip over to the right side. Tip: maintain contact between your shoulders and the floor. Exhale returning to the starting position. Repeat five times and then hold the pose for five more breaths. Switch sides.


Abdominal strength test:
Cross your arms over your chest and roll down towards the floor until you feel the abdominals fully activated. Hold for as long as possible, measuring the amounts of time until you reach muscle fatigue.
Tip: This is an effective, efficient way to build strength in the core without crunches! Focus on pressing your navel towards your spine and your ribcage towards the floor. If your ribcage disengages this is an indication that you need to back off the intensity and move to the easier level.
Core strengthening:
Par Level:
Place your hands over your head at a 45 degree angle, pressing your hands together and pressing your shoulders down and away from your ears. Engage your core as described above and slowly lift one foot off the floor. Slowly lower your leg and switch sides. Repeat ten times on each side.


Birdie / Eagle level:
If you feel you have a strong core, bring the right leg to a ninety degree angle and extend the left leg straight, approximately three inches off the floor. On your exhalation switch sides. Repeat ten times.

Oblique lifts / twists on the balance ball:
Begin on the ball placing the ball below the hips and with the lumbar spine pressed against the ball. Cross your arms either in front of the chest or extend the arms, bringing the hands together. Inhale as you twist from the core to the right, exhale returning to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

Next week we launch a new series ' Cultivating a Balanced Golfer
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