Overcoming Difficult Bunker Shots


The Roberts Flex-Fit Method provides you with the direct fitness solution for common swing flaws. This specific golf performance / fitness relationship is the topic for my new Golf Channel show called Swing Fault Solutions, airing in the international markets in the next few months. In addition to fitness I believe in what I refer to as The Triangle of Peak Performance. To achieve peak performance a golfers must incorporate swing mechanics taught by your local PGA / LPGA professional, the best technology available to you at your local retailer and a golf specific fitness program. (Note: Every golfer that comes to me for a fitness program sends me a video of his or her swing. In addition I insist on a consultation with the students teaching professional). My objective is to learn as much about the golfers swing and his or her golf and fitness goals.
We are excited to provide you the opportunity to experience the same one-on-one experience as the students we work within person. Our on-line students can send me an e-mail and we will set up an on-line appointment to evaluate your swing and send you a customized fitness program.
In Michael Breeds golf tip he refers to the importance of maintaining deep knee flexion while hitting a bunker shot when the ball is below your feet. Although there are many physical components necessary for this type of shot, including strong hands, wrist and forearms to blast the ball out of the sand, the lower body (our focus this week) contributes to your physical ability to execute this golf shot.
This weeks fitness tip targets:

  • Hamstring flexibility

  • Hip (adductor and abductor) flexibility

In addition you should focus on quad strength and balance.
For the complete lower body and hand, wrist and forearm power exercises, check out my Lower Your Score DVD or download the content at www.KRFlexFit.com
Michael Breeds golf tip:

Fitness tip ' hamstring, adductor, abductor, increased spinal rotation twist
Dynamic hamstring stretch:
Place the strap in your left hand and on the ball of your left foot. Bend the left knee, extend the right leg. Flex both feet towards you. Inhale as you slightly bend your knee, exhale and straighten your leg. Feel as if you are pressing your left heel through the ceiling. Flex your quad. Repeat five times.
Extend the left leg to the left, keeping the right hip / glute on the floor. Hold for five breaths.
Place the strap in your right hand, extend your left arm perpendicular to your body and rotate your left leg and left hip to the right. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.
See you on The Turn!

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