The Plane Workout - Week 4


Monday night on Your Game Night Michael Breed, Top 100 Instructor and I were discussing Jim Hardys one plane / two plane philosophy and the difference in the physical requirements of each golf swing.

The two plane golf swing utilizing the muscles of the chest, upper back, shoulders and lats to bring the arms back into plane. The three exercises for this week target these areas and will directly impact your physical ability to utilize your upper body.
You will experience n increase in shoulder turn, club control, power and consistency! Please note: all the exercises in this series will benefit you whether you swing on one or two planes!
Practice these exercises three days a week as part of your comprehensive yoga fitness for golfers program. The Thera-Ball is available on my website at (Stay tuned.the Yoga Ball Fitness DVD will be available in mid-July)
Standing Chest opener:

Katherine Roberts

Feet are place wider than hip width apart, bend your knees, and draw your navel towards your spine. Clasp your hands behind your back, roll your shoulder blades together and down your back. Slightly tilt your pelvis under. Breathe deeply and hold the pose for five to ten breaths. Relax and repeat three times.
Upper Back / Trap / Rhomboid stretch:

Katherine Roberts

Feet placed in the same position bring the hands in front of the body. Place the arms slightly below the shoulder, palms facing you. Inhale deeply and on the exhalation press your hands and shoulders forward. Tuck the chin into the chest to target the traps. Hold for five breaths and repeat three times.
Dolphin pose on the ball with rotation:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

With the hands together, plc eth elbows on the ball. Draw the navel towards the spine engaging the core and on the exhalation roll the ball away from you and you lower your body towards the floor. Inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat five times.
Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

In the stretched position, inhale and roll on the ball all the way onto your left shoulder. On the exhalation, return to the starting position and switch sides.
This week begins the Joy and Yoga of Golf segment of my articles. Each week will include a short story or quote for the week on the non-physical but equally important aspect of golf - - The Joy of the Game!
Having more Joy
A friend of mine is a sports psychologist whose thesis on golf uncovers trends in our thinking on the golf course. For two weeks he sat off the 18th hole of a course in Scottsdale and asked each golfer one simple question, How was your round?
The younger the golfer the more joyous their experience. The response was something like this, I finally hit it so far I hit into the water or I saw a big snake on the 12th hole. Their experience and joy was not tied to their score.
As the golfers age progressed and the handicaps of the golfers got lower the response to my friends inquiry was more negative. I missed par by one again! or Gosh darn it - - I knew this putter wouldnt work and it let me down!
So my friends, the younger the golfer, the higher the handicap the more joyous the experience seemed to be. Now this may not apply to you but I share the story as a reminder to have fun, enjoy the game and take in the full experience.
In great golf and great health,
I wish you joy this week! - - Katherine
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