The Plane Workout - Week 5


The two plane golf swing utilizes the muscles of the chest, upper back, shoulders and lats to bring the arms back into plane. The three exercises from last week focused on increasing flexibility in the shoulders while this week we focus on building strength in the shoulder girdle and upper back. I often incorporate the use of strength tubing in my yoga based fitness program. The increased resistance is very effective and the tubing is great for travel! On my website we offer four levels of resistance tubing. My suggestion is that you purchase the level two and work up to a higher intensity. Remember the alignment in the pose is more important than the intensity. Breathe and focus directly on the area of the body you intend to strengthen. The mind is a powerful tool.use it to your benefit.
Building strength in the upper body directly benefits your swing by increasing:
  • Shoulder turn
  • Consistency
  • Power and club head speed
  • Club control
    Triangle pose with strength tubing:

    Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

    Place the left foot forward approximately four feet in front of the right foot. Revolve the right leg inward so the foot is now at a 45 degree angle. Place the tubing under the left foot and the handle in the right hand. Revolve your torso so your chest if facing the floor.
    Inhale deeply as you draw your navel towards your spine. On the exhalation revolve the torso and arm towards the ceiling. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
    Balancing Upper body strengthener:

    Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

    Wrap the tubing around your hands to increase the intensity. Drive the navel towards the spine, hinge at the hips and balance on one leg. Lift the arms to shoulder height and on the exhalation pull the elbows back, shoulder blades together. Note: Keep the traps down and neck in a neutral position.
    Repeat ten times and switch legs.
    The Yoga of Golf: Expectations
    Stewart Cink, the number one putter on tour, was recently featured on the Golf Channel show, Playing with the Pros. He was discussing the concept of expectations and putting pressure on yourself in tournament play.
    He said, I let go of the expectations and now he scores better and has more enjoyment. The higher the rankings, he put more and more pressure on himself to achieve higher expectations.
    He continued to say that he is no longer defined by his current score on the course. I used to walk around with a bubble over my head with the score in the bubble but he is no longer defined by the score.
    Golf is a game of imagination. Use your imagination!
    - - Stewart Cink, #1 putter on tour.
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