Posture Series - Week 2


The four week series on posture provides exercises that support a solid, powerful address position and the ability to maintain a consistent swing plane during the dynamic phase of the golf swing. We continue this week incorporating dynamic stretching followed by static stretching.
Last weeks chest opening wall exercise focused primarily on flexibility. Having completed that exercise everyday for the last week I am sure you are already feeling the benefits of better posture.
This week we will continue our focus on flexibility and include the Locust pose; a powerful exercise for strengthening the erector spinae muscles as well as the gluts.
Rolling Alligator pose: All Levels

Rolling Alligator pose

In this pose it is important to maintain the torso and legs as one unit as you begin on the floor face down. Place the arms perpendicular to your body with the palms facing down.
Rolling Alligator pose

On the inhalation, squeeze the legs together and pull the abdominals inward. On the exhalation, slowly roll to one side. Inhale as you come back to the starting position.
Switch sides and repeat five times on each side. Once the dynamic series is complete, hold each side for five breaths or a slow count of ten to fifteen. Note: if you feel strain in the neck allow your head to rest on the floor.
Three Level Locust pose:

Locust pose

Par Level: Clasp your hands behind the back (if this is a challenge place a towel between your hands). Squeeze the legs and gluts together pressing the tops of your feet towards the floor. On the inhalation, pull the abdominals in, press the tailbone down, which will internally rotate the pelvis. On the exhalation, roll the shoulders back, slightly lifting the chest off the floor. Inhale and return to the staring position. Repeat five times and hold for five breaths.
Locust pose

Par Level: Lift the chest higher off the floor as you move the hands away from the gluts. Repeat the dynamic, fluid movement five times and then hold for five breaths.
Eagle Level: Lift the chest as high as possible off the floor and now move the hands towards the gluts. Repeat five times and hold for five to ten breaths.
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