Posture Series - Week 3


By now you are feeling great and seeing the effects of your hard work which began with the four week core conditioning series and now we are into week three of the posture series.
Our focus has been the core, the thoracic spine and pecs or chest muscles. Our bodies are constructed in a complex yet spectacular method of bones and muscles, pulleys and levers. Consequently one needs to consider the many components effecting ones physical conditions or challenges, not just one specific area.
We dont often think of the pelvis or hips as affecting our posture. However, when the hip flexors, psoas and quadriceps are tight or hyper-flexible, it causes an anterior or posterior tilt of the pelvis. This tilt or lack of proper alignment in the pelvis creates dysfunction in the pelvis and directly affects the muscles of the back.
This weeks series target the muscles of the hip.
Standing Quad stretch:

Quad stretch

Par Level: Place your foot in your hand or in a strap or belt. Keep both knees in alignment, squeeze the gluts and press the hip forward as you increase the distance between the gluts and heel. Hold for a count of five and repeat five times. Switch sides.
Standing Quad stretch:

Quad stretch

Birdie Level: Wedge your left knee into the angle of the wall and floor. (Place a towel under your knee for protection) and place the top of the foot against the wall. Inhale, squeeze the gluts and Press your hip forward creating space between the heel and the gluts. Hold for a count of five. Exhale and stretch relax into the stretch. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Quad stretch

Eagle Level: From the Birdie level position, bring the right foot to the floor placing the right knee at a 90 degree angle. Hold for a slow count of twenty and switch sides. BREATHE!
Next week we begin a new segment of Yoga Fitness for Golfers ' Yoga Ball Fitness for Golfers blending the flexibility conditioning of yoga with all the core stabilization conditioning with the Swiss Ball.
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