Power from the Hips Week 2


Last weeks yoga series focused on increasing range of motion on the hips. As golfers we strive for balance ' a blending of flexibility and strength. This weeks series of exercises are called the hip lift; bridge pose in the ball and locust pose on the ball, and all are specifically designed to improve performance generated from the hips.
The first pose targets flexibility in the hip flexors and lumbar spine while the other poses build strength in the glutes, hamstrings and lumbar spine. Both require integration of the core abdominals muscles as do all my yoga for golfers exercises. I utilize the Balance Ball in all my new Yoga Balance Ball DVD programs for golfers requiring you to utilize the core as well as balance and focus. The balls are available at www.KRTotalFitness.com.
The golf benefits of these two poses:
  • More rotation and control in your hip turn
  • Increase the ratio of hip to shoulder turn
  • More power in your swing
  • Fuller extension in your finish position
  • Greater flexibility to finish towards the target
    Hip Lift:
    PAR Level

    Yoga for Golfers

    Place the right foot approximately one foot away from the left knee as shown in the photo. Your neck, shoulders, arms and hands are relaxed. As always, breathe deeply in and out of the nose for a slow count of four. Inhale, draw the navel towards the spine as you activate the lower abdominal muscles.
    Yoga for Golfers

    Exhale and slowly lift the right hip towards the ceiling. Inhale and lower slightly while you maintain the action in the lower abdominals. Repeat and now lift the hip higher as you will start in to integrate the lower back. Inhales bring you down, exhales lift you up. Continue for five times on the right and switch sides.
    Bridge Pose on the Ball:
    ALL Levels

    Power Glutes

    Place the Balance Ball close to your buttocks and place the feet on the ball. Inhale deeply, pressing the navel towards the spine. Exhale, squeeze the gluts and lift the hips off the floor. Inhale, lower the hips and repeat ten times.
    Power Glutes

    At the top of the pose, hold for a slow count of five. Note: to increase the intensity of the pose place a towel between your adductors (inner thighs) and squeeze the towel while practicing the pose.
    Locust pose on the ball:

    Yoga for Golfers

    This pose builds strength in the gluts as well as the lumbar spine.
    Place the ball low on the hips and support the upper body with strong arms. Inhale as you engage your gluts, exhale and lift the legs off the floor. Repeat five times.
    Build Endurance and Power

    PAR Level: Lift the legs so they are parallel to the floor.
    Build Endurance and Power

    BIRDIE / EAGLE Level: Lift the legs higher than the hips.
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