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Last Monday night on Your Game Night, I discussed the importance of conditioning the core. To obtain maximum rotation, power and consistency your core must be strong. The core includes the abdominal muscles as well as the muscles of the lumbar spine and gluts. When you are stabilized through the core your timing becomes better because you have less moving parts in your golf swing, thus you are able to consistently obtain a square club face alignment at impact.
This week we will focus on one of the many parts of core conditioning using the Thera-Ball which is available in our ProShop.
Par Level:

Core Conditioning - Par Level

Place the Thera-Ball between the inner thighs and squeeze the ball as tightly as possible. Inhale deeply and on the exhalation press your navel towards your spine, spine towards the floor. Inhale and relax, exhale and repeat. Repeat this dynamic lower abdominal exercise twenty times.
Birdie Level:

Core Conditioning - Birdie Level

Continue to squeeze the Thera-Ball with the legs. Inhale deeply and exhale as you lift the hips slightly off the floor and bring the upper body to meet the knees. Inhale to the starting position. Repeat twenty times or until muscle fatigue.
Birdie Level:

Core Conditioning - Birdie Level

Extend the legs up in the air, now squeezing the ball between the calves (or knees if you feel more in control). Inhale deeply and exhale as you press your navel towards the spine.
Eagle Level:

Core Conditioning - Eagle Level

As the navel is pressed towards the spine, inhale again. On the exhalation lift the hips and upper body together. Repeat twenty times.
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