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Tom Lehman said it beautifullyhe works his core so he can swing as hard as possible and stay balanced. The muscles of the obliques will keep you upright, stabilized, balanced and give you the maximum amount of speed possible.
Many of the Tour players I work with are looking for more speed as well as endurance. In the past few weeks, we integrated the Thera-Ball to condition upper and lower body flexibility and now we are entering the second week of the core swing workout. I recommend you go to the archived articles and begin to build your workout.
The Core Swing Workout combines strength, speed and flexibility conditioning targeting the core of the body to swing the golf club with the most athleticisms possible.
As always in yoga, the main focus is on the mind and the breath. Where you place your focus is where you will gain the maximum benefits. For example, you MUST focus on your obliques or you will begin to utilize stronger parts of your body to compensate for the lack of strength in the abdominals. Breathing is always done through the nose unless otherwise specified. The exhalation is on the exertion. In your golf swing begin to utilize the breath to calm the nervous system, relax under pressure and get the maximum power at impact. (more on this topic in the next few weeks).
One of my new clients, a young new Tour player was referred to me for performance coaching, mental and physical. My assessment tools uncovered a significant lack of core strength although he was convinced he had six pack abs. We do this series everyday and he has a new respect for the power of the core.
Lets start!
Core Swing Workout

Place the legs over the Thera-Ball and squeeze the ball from the heels towards the gluts. Press the navel towards the spine and the spine into the floor. Hold here and breathe! Lift the ball off the floor and on the exhalation bring the left shoulder to the right knee. Switch sides. Repeat for three minutes. Move slowly!
Core Swing Workout

Keep the ball off the floor and FOCUS on pressing the navel towards the floor and the oblique abdominal muscles. Inhale as you roll onto the left hip, exhale bringing the ball back to position one. Switch sides. Note: Visualize loading or engaging the obliques.
Repeat for three minutes.
Core Swing Workout

Roll onto the right hip and shoulder. Inhale deeply and exhale bringing the left shoulder to the left hip. Repeat twenty times and switch sides.
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