Powerful Glutes


During our Power Hitters Core Workout series we have focused our attention to the core abdominal muscles. Just in the nick of time for the holidays! You now possess the tools to maintain a great set of abs during the holiday feasts!
This week we will begin to practice some yoga based exercises that target another part of the core of the body ' the glutes. Grab your ball and lets get started!
Power Glute Lifts:

Power Glutes

Begin with the knees bent and feet positioned on the ball. The ball should be placed relatively close to your gluts. Press your navel towards the spine and the spine flat into the floor engaging the TVA abdominals. Inhale deeply and press the feet into the ball.
Power Glutes

Exhale and lift the hips off the floor. Inhale as you slowly lower (but not completely down to the floor), exhale and lift the hips again. Repeat ten to twenty times.
Power Glute Lifts: (more intensity)

Power Glutes

With the legs straight, place the ball under the feet. This position requires that you focus more on your core abdominals. BEFORE your lift the hips, pull the navel in, squeeze the gluts and THEN lift the hips. Repeat the same dynamic movement as specified in the first pose.
Power Glutes

Hold at the top position and lift the right leg off the ball. FOCUS, BALANCE and BREATHE! Relax and repeat three sets.
As we enter the holiday season I would like to share my gratitude for the opportunity to work with you all and it is my wish that you and your families have a healthy holiday season filled with joy, laughter and peace. (and of course some great golf!) Sincerely, Katherine
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