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3 Putting Fundmentals
There are many physical components that can help you become a better putter. The correct posture, breathing techniques designed to quiet the mind and relieve tension in the body will help you become a better putter.
In my dvd Lower Your Score, PGA tour putting coach Stan Utley clearly defines the correlation between the body and a consistent putting stroke.
C posture
Let us focus on the thoracic spine, the rhomboid muscles, the area located at the mid-back. As we age we have a tendency to round or slump the shoulders, creating a lack of mobility in the thoracic spine. If you stand sideways in front of a mirror and your thoracic spine resembles the letter C, the following exercise will help you increase mobility as well as strength in the rhomboid muscles, the muscles supporting your thoracic spine.
Note: I also recommend that you work on flexibility in the pecs as well.
When you have more mobility in this part of the body your shoulder rotation will be more fluid and can help you hit more consistent putts.

Swing Flaws C Posture
See you on The Turn!

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