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Dear Katherine,
I have watched your tips for years on the Golf Channel and they are very beneficial. Very often I feel my balance is not good. Please provide me with some suggestions for working on balance? Donald T.

Balance or lack of balance is caused by many physical components ' inner ear or equilibrium issues, aging, a decrease or lack of proprioception and physical restrictions that require the stronger part of the body to compensate for a weaker part of the body.
Balance in your golf swing allows you to hit the ball as hard as possible and still maintain your proper swing plane.
Yoga is requires tremendous balance in the body as well as the mind.
The following poses will enhance balance on and off the golf course. Stay focused, draw the navel inward and breathe. If you fall out of the pose, get right back into it!
Balancing T pose

Yoga for Golfers Yoga for Golfers

Preparation for this pose is to draw the navel inward, focus on feeling buoyant in the upper body. Note: this pose benefits strengthening the legs, gluts and lumbar spine. Stand tall and step the right foot forward. As you bring the body down towards the floor lift the left leg slightly off the floor. Imagine the body as one piece from the head to the left leg. The eyes gaze just in front of your yoga mat. Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.
Hip opening balancing pose

Yoga for Golfers Yoga for Golfers

Bring the hands on the waist and lift the outside of the left ankle to the right knee. As you bend your right knee, hinge the body at the hips and bring the chest towards the shin. Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.
For a more advanced pose extend the arms laterally as your roll the chest open and shoulders back. Maintain a natural curve in the cervical spine by dropping the chin slightly towards the floor.
Tree pose

Yoga for Golfers

Focus your eyes on a spot on the floor four feet in front of your yoga mat. Bring the hands to the waist and left the foot to the right ankle, just below the knee or on the inner thigh. Draw the navel inward and lift the ribcage up. Hold for ten breaths, stay focused and switch sides. If you are more advanced bring the arms above the head, hands stretching towards the ceiling.
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