The Red Zone


A common golf statistic is that 80% of our score happens from 100 yards out.
Next week I am playing in a four day golf tournament. I will tell you that I had some nervousness around this tournament. The last four months I struggled with my short game, specifically from sixty to seventy yards out. As I walked down the fairway towards my shot I could feel my heart beating more rapidly, my breathing becoming more shallow and my inner dialogue telling me that I am in trouble. As I stood over my shot I literally began to shake with fear.

Re-think your practice routine
Fortunately I worked with some of the best PGA professionals in the world and I reached out to them for assistance. In addition to some minor mechanical changes I revised my practice routine. I used to go directly to the practice tee and end on the putting green. Now I start on the putting green, go to the chipping area with my sand wedge, then to my pitching wedge and eventually work back to the practice tee for work with my irons, woods and driver. This process teaches me to connect with the feel and tempo of my swing which is then applied to all my clubs. The end result is more confidence in the Red zone, translating to more confidence and better ball striking in every aspect of the game.
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