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I often receive e-mails from individuals whom are challenged by balance on and off the golf course. A recent e-mail from a GOLFCHANNEL.COM reader shares an important study by the University of Washington, offering cutting edge information on the topic of balance, specifically in older individuals. It notes that yoga and tai chi are beneficial for restoring balance. (Note: As a fitness professional that is consumed by learning the newest research, I welcome you to send me links to articles you feel will benefit the readers)

It begins, 'As we get older, both the hearing and balance parts of the inner ear tend to lose sensitivity causing an age-related hearing loss and a gradual loss of balance function.'
The first sign of a loss of balance presents as a shortened gait vs. utilizing a long, fluid walking pattern. Additionally ones posture is affected as well as confidence.

These two tips will assist in learning proprioception, the ability to understand where your body is in space - - an essential tool in the process of balance.
Focused Walking technique:

As you slowly walk pay attention to the way the foot strikes the ground. Try to feel the heel, then the middle of the foot, then the ball of the foot and finally the toe pushing off the ground. Walk for five minutes practicing this walking meditation for better balance and enhanced concentration.
Tree pose

Tree pose:

Maintain the hands on the waist focus on a spot on the floor and breathe deeply. Place the foot on the ankle or on the inside of the knee. Try to hold this position for ten breaths. Switch sides and repeat three times everyday.
Keep in touch and let me know how you are progressing!
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