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Welcome to the next evolution in golf fitness ' The Roberts Flex-Fit Method
One thing I know for sure is that everything changes. Nothing stays the same including our bodies and what our body requires to stay healthy and fit. What we strived for in our twenties changes in our thirties, forties and so on. When I watch advertising for fitness products it is obvious they are targeting a very specific demographic of our society, primarily a younger generation who are looking for the perfect beach body. Considering the demographic of the average golfer and taking into consideration that by the year 2010, 50% of the United States will be over the age of fifty are these messages from advertisers really offering solutions? Rock hard abs? Of course, who doesnt want rock hard abs? What about powerful posture, strong, flexible, lean bodies, capable of helping us play our best golf as well as sustaining us through life with energy, mental acuity, a deep sense of overall wellness and purpose? How about a fitness program that teaches you ways to manage your energy, on and off the course, supports peak performance and life long enjoyment of the game we love so much? How about a program that recognizes the importance of rest and recovery? Here it is!
During my twenty years of experience as a coach, motivator, fitness and yoga instructor my students run the gamete from juniors to seniors, the physically challenged to high performance professional athletes. This experience as well as my own personal journey helped me develop a brand new golf specific fitness program, The Roberts Flex-Fit Method (RFFM), a unique, hybrid performance program for golf and over all wellness
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Our methodology directly connects our fitness tips with a golf specific challenge. My personal feeling is that every golf tip should accompany a fitness tip! This week I am referencing an article in the June 2008 issue of Golf Magazine, specifically a tip for senior golfers. The article describes the loss of power and distance most senior golfers experience and suggests that the way to increase distance is to Turn your shoulders, Swing your arms.
Through 3D we understand the transference of power generation from the lower body, through the hips, trunk, shoulders and hands. Although the writer is looking for a way senior golfers can get a quick fix of more power, my suggestion is to increase the range of motion in the trunk (this is part of the solution, not the entire solution). For the complete core workout check out my DVD, More Power and Distance @
Lets get started!
Seated spinal twist:
Sit on the edge of your chair, legs placed approximately hip width apart. Isometrically squeeze the legs together (if you have towel place it between the knees), pull the navel in as you engage the core and lift the ribcage off the waist. Tip: try to maintain a stable lower body so your trunk and shoulders rotate around your hips. Inhale deeply and on your exhalation rotate from the base of the trunk through the shoulders. Place the right hand on the left knee and hold for five deep breaths, moving slightly deeper into the stretch with each exhalation and switch sides.


Lunge with torso twist:
Place the right leg in lunge position, left leg slides back with a towel placed under your knee. Tip: Place the right knee angle at ninety degrees, the left knee angle needs to be at a greater than ninety degree angle. Pull the navel in as you engage the core. Extend the arms to shoulder height. Inhale deeply and on your exhale twist to the right. Try to minimize the lower body movement. Switch sides, moving with the breath and focus on the stretch / re-coil action in the trunk. Note: you will also feel the shoulders working in this exercise. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
Tip: Once you feel you have the action mastered you can increase the speed of the exercise. Focus on your form, stabilizing the lower body and focusing on the stretch in the trunk, lats and shoulders!


Seated spinal rotation with extended leg:
Sitting as tall as possible, extend the left leg, placing the right foot on the outside of the left knee. Bring the left arm behind the back and use the arm as leverage to straighten the spine. Move the pelvis over the hips, bringing the right hand on the left knee. Hold for five deep breaths, moving deeper on the exhalation. Switch sides.


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