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Stretching and strengthening the muscles of the groin area is essential if you want to maintain a consistent spine angle throughout the swing. The groin refers to the muscles connecting the pelvis and femur region of the body. When moving from the static address position through the dynamic movement of the golf swing, a flexible groin area will support the proper rotation of the pelvis. Correct movement of the hips and pelvis generates speed and supports greater consistency. In this weeks fitness program, keep in mind while stretching; move slowly while paying keen attention to proper body alignment.
For the strengthening component in these poses, flex the groin muscles after the flexibility segments, using resistance of gravity to increase muscle strength. Hold the muscle contraction for a count of five, release and repeat five to ten times.
Straddle pose
All Levels

Straddle pose

Sitting with the legs as wide as part as possible, use the strength of the arms to lift the body forward, moving the pelvis up and over the femur bone. Note: If this is too challenging bring the back against the wall.
Inhale, pull the abdominals in and lift the ribcage up. Exhale and fold forward. Repeat this dynamic movement ten times slowly and then hold the forward fold for twenty seconds.
Double Pigeon pose
Birdie and Eagle Levels

Double Pigeon poseDouble Pigeon pose

Begin by placing the legs at a 90 degree angle by brining the left foot forward and the right leg behind you. The 90 degree angle is at both the knee and hip joints. Note: If you feel any discomfort in the knees do not do this pose. Lie on your back, knees bent and bring the right foot to the outside of the left knee. Gently press against the right knee as you stretch the right adductor and hip.
Inhale as you slowly begin to shift your body weight over the left leg until you feel the stretch in the hips and groin. Hold for five seconds, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat five to ten times and then hold the stretch for twenty seconds or ten slow breaths.
Frog pose
All Levels

Frog poseFrog pose

This pose can be very intense so move slowly in and out of the pose. On the knees spread the legs as wide apart as possible. Maintain a 90 degree angle at the knee and hip joint. Note: you may place a towel under your knees for more protection.
Pull the navel towards the spine protecting the back from arching. Inhale, pressing the tailbone down and gently rocking forward. Exhale and gently rock slightly backward. Repeat ten times and then hold the pose for twenty seconds.
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