Strengthening the Glutes


Have you been instructed by a PGA professional to use more power from the hips or conversely that you are lacking stability in the hips? If this is the case then this is the pose for you. The bridge pose is one of my favorite poses because it targets not only the muscles necessary for more effective hip function such as the glutes and hip flexors but also targets the hamstrings, core, chest, shoulders, hands and wrists.
Some other golf benefits of the Bridge pose:
  • Helps prevent injuries in the hip area.

  • Supports more strength when walking eighteen holes.

  • Supports better balance in an imbalanced stance.

Modified Bridge Pose
Par Level

Bridge pose

On your back, bring the heels close to the glutes, place feet one foot apart and the arms are perpendicular to the body. Take a towel or block between the knees. Squeeze the towel with all your effort. Press the navel towards the floor, engaging the core, internally rotating the pelvis, squeeze the glutes and lift the hips as high as possible. Slowly lower the body to three inches off the floor and lift back up. Repeat ten to fifteen times.
Note: You should not feel any discomfort in the low back. If this occurs, focus more intensely on moving the navel towards the spine, internally rotating the pelvis and rest between sets of five.
Modified Bridge Pose
Birdie Level

Bridge pose

Perform the same pose but bring the hands clasped together behind the back. Roll the shoulders under to get more of a stretch in the chest, hands and wrists. Maintain a curve in the neck by keeping the chin slightly away from the chest. Repeat ten to fifteen times.
Note: If the hands do not clasp together, use a towel to get the hands as close as possible.
Extended Bridge Pose
Eagle Level

Bridge pose

Remove the towel for the knees, lifting the hips as high as possible. After you have completed raising and lowering the hips ten to fifteen times, hold for a slow count of ten.
Restorative / Resting Bridge Pose
All Levels

Bridge pose

Place a block or some towels directly under the sacrum, NOT the low back and rest with the eyes closed. Allow gravity to sink the body deeper into the pose. This pose is very effective after the round to offset the stress of the golf swing on the body. If you travel, do this pose in the hotel before bed time combined with a gentle spinal twist. You will rest easier.
For maximum results from the Bridge pose, practice the pose four to five days a week. You will gain more strength and stability in the hips for more power and control. Not only is this pose great for your golf game, it keeps your butt looking good at the beach. Not bad!
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