Swing Momentum Drill and Freedom of Movement


Swing momentum drill and freedom in your swing through breathing
The golf swing requires effortless power, a balance of strength, flexibility and freedom of movement. My friend, Sean The Beast Fister, long drive champion, describes one of the best ways to generate power in your swing is to learn how to relieve stress from the body before your takeaway.
This week we look at two ways you can create freedom of movement in your golf swing. The golf tip from Brad Brewer provides you with a great drill for the practice tee and the course.
From a physical perspective the best way to create freedom in your swing is to learn the proper way to breathe. When we hold our breath it creates muscular tension and makes fluidity in your swing almost impossible. Practice your breathing off the course and when you feel you have mastered deep breathing begin to incorporate breathing into your pre-shot routine.
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Brad Brewers golf tip
Katherines breathing tip
See you on The Turn!

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