Total Golf Fitness Workout - Week 1


The Total Golf Fitness Workout is a hybrid program incorporating the following components:
  • Yoga for flexibility, breathing awareness, and balance

  • Strength conditioning with and without fitness apparatus
  • Core conditioning using Pilates
  • Functional training methodologies

This week targets four components of the Total Golf Fitness Workout:
  • Balance is a critical component for power and consistency in your swing.
  • Core conditioning is necessary for stabilization, proper posture and endurance.
  • Upper body strength exercise is designed to specifically target the shoulders and upper back for club control throughout the entire swing plane.
  • Mental focus is practiced while you balance.
As in golf and yoga the proper set up is the foundation for the golf swing or pose. For that reason I am showing you this set up from two views, front and side.
Place the tubing in your hands, wrapping it around your hands until you feel you have the correct amount of resistance. Note: You will be performing two sets of fifteen to twenty reps.
Katherine Roberts

Feet are placed hip width apart and focus on feeling grounded. Flex the knees, draw your navel towards your spine and hinge at the hips. Note the angle of torso to hip flexion in the side view photo.
Focus on a spot on the floor three to four feet in front of your yoga mat. BREATHE! Remember to inhale and exhale through the nose. FOCUS AND BREATHE!
Katherine Roberts

Left the arms to shoulder height, but do not scrunch the shoulders and traps up. Balance on the left foot.
Katherine RobertsKatherine Roberts

Inhale deeply, and on the exhale pull the arms back, bringing the shoulder blades towards each other. Inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat fifteen to twenty times. Rest for a moment, switch legs and repeat.
'I thank you all for your questions on golf fitness and look forward to answering your questions on the air!' - - Katherine
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