Total Golf Fitness Workout - Week 3


By now you are seeing many of the promotional spots for the new Golf Channel Makeover challenge on the Golf Channel. This week offers an example of the type of yoga-based and strength / core conditioning exercises I used on one of the participants who was in need of additional rotation, lower body strength and core strength.
The Total Golf Fitness workout is a comprehensive hybrid program incorporating the following components:
  • Yoga for flexibility, breathing awareness, and balance
  • Strength conditioning utilizing fitness apparatus
  • Core conditioning incorporating yoga and Pilates
  • Functional training methodologies
    This week targets five components of the Total Golf Fitness Workout:
    1. Increases flexibility in the hamstrings, adductors and back muscles.
    2. Increases range of motion in the torso and thoracic spine
    3. Strengthens the oblique abdominals.
    4. Strengthens the shoulder muscles, arms and wrists.
    5. Increases breathing awareness
    Note: Par level students will practice this pose without the strength tubing. Incorporate the strength tubing for Birdie and Eagle levels.
    Extended Warrior pose with rotation:

    Extended Warrior pose - Katherine Roberts

    Place the tubing under the left foot and place the feet five feet apart. Revolve the right leg inward. Note: Focus on the left knee and be sure it is not revolving inward. The angle at the knee should not be more than 90 degrees and should not revolve inward. This is an indication of tension in the left hip.
    Extended Warrior pose - Katherine Roberts

    Place the left elbow on the left knee and lift out of the left shoulder.
    Extended Warrior pose - Katherine RobertsExtended Warrior pose - Katherine Roberts

    Focus on the torso, specifically the oblique abdominal muscles and revolve the torso towards the floor. Inhale and draw the navel towards the torso. Exhale and rotate the entire torso and arm towards the ceiling. Inhale as you return to the original position. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
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