Total Golf Fitness Workout Week 4


I have a saying on and off the golf course. Stay in your comfort zone and you will remain the same. Push beyond the comfort zone and you will make the changes you desire. Living outside of your box is where the change occurs.
When we do not push ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we become like the stagnant mud at the bottom of the lake. In fitness, I expect my students to push themselves to create change. This does not mean pushing beyond the point of intense pain or causing injury, it refers to pushing beyond the comfort zone. I have often written that feeling discomfort in the muscles is acceptable, pain is not acceptable.
These concepts are exactly why all my books, DVDs and articles are presented in the Par, Birdie and Eagle formats. While developing a fitness program remember these three words, modify, modify and modify the poses. Once you have modified the pose to accommodate your current physical condition, and then push outside your comfort zone once positioned in the pose. Breathe, move inward, focus on your core and lengthen the spine.
The intention with which you approach your fitness is a direct correlation to the way you approach golf and life.
This week the Total Fitness workout enhances the following components of your golf swing:
  • Balance
  • Lower body strength
  • Core stability
  • Rotation
  • Shoulder turn
  • Breathing and Focus
    You will need a Thera-Ball to perform this pose. Go to the ProShop on my website to purchase the appropriate size ball for your height.
    Forward Fold pose to Revolving Triangle pose:

    Katherine Roberts

    Place the Thera-Ball between the legs as you step the right leg forward. Note: if you printed a line down the center of your yoga mat, your right foot is placed to the right of the line and left foot is placed on the left of the line. Hips face towards the front of the mat. Squeeze the ball so the lower body is completely engaged.
    Hold each position for five breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Switch sides.
    Katherine Roberts

    Par Level: Bring the hands to the waist, and hinge at the hips. Draw the navel towards the spine, maintaining core stability.
    Katherine Roberts

    Birdie / Eagle Level: Extend the arms to the side like an airplane. Roll the shoulders back and extend the arms and hands.
    Revolving Triangle Pose:

    Katherine Roberts

    Par Level: Place the left hand on the right leg and revolve towards the right.
    Katherine Roberts

    Birdie / Eagle Level: Extend the right arm towards the ceiling.
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