The Ultimate Hybrid Cross-Training for Golf


Although my teaching, writing, DVDS and books are based on the foundation of yoga, I am a proponent of cross training. For example, a typical work out for me consists of yoga, spinning and weight training. I often include Pilates and balance conditioning in my personal fitness program and I incorporate a hybrid training program with my amateur and professional athletes.
The next few weeks will include yoga for golfers as well as other fitness modalities, efficiently blended to provide you with the ultimate hybrid golf fitness program.
This series on yoga and cross training methodologies incorporates a four pieces of fitness apparatus.
Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer (PST) Note: You can incorporate resistance tubing as well as the PST.
Golf Gym Balance Ball Note: EVERY golfer needs a balance ball!
Yoga mat / Stretching mat
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Here are a few guidelines:
Breathing is essential for balance as well as getting maximum results. Exhale on the exertion segment of the exercise.
Maintain a 90 degree angle at the knee joint ' do not allow the knee to move over the foot position.
Move from your core.the arms follow the trunk, as in the golf swing.
Crescent Lunge with Archer arm movement and Power Swing Trainer (PST):
Place the PST in the door hinge, slightly higher than shoulder height. Begin in a deep lunge position, the left foot forward and right leg back. Bring the left quad parallel to the floor and pull the navel to the spine. Place the PST in the right hand and on the exhalation initiate the movement from the trunk and pull the right arm back to the torso, elbow pressing against the side of the body. Hold for one deep breath, return to the starting position and repeat ten times. Switch sides.

Triangle pose with upright row and tricep extension:
Place the left foot forward, right foot behind you approximately four or five feet apart. Place the PST tubing under the left foot and place the PST handle in the right hand. Rotate the right hip towards the floor as you extend the right arm towards the floor focusing on the stretch in the right lat. Note: you will feel a deep stretch in the hamstrings.

On your exhalation pull the right elbow to the right hip. Hold for one more breath. On your next exhalation extend your arm from the right elbow arm, focusing on the tricep. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Extended pose with trunk/core and shoulder strengthening sequence:
Place the left leg at a ninety degree angle, step the right leg back into a long lunge. Revolve the right leg and right foot inward at a forty-five degree angle.
Place the base of the PST under the left foot with the PST grip in the right hand.
Revolve your torso towards the floor and extended right arm directly inline with the torso.
On your exhalation, rotate from your torso and lift your right arm towards the ceiling with the trunk leading the movement, arm following the rotation.
Repeat ten times and switch sides.

See you Monday nights on The Turn!

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