The Ultimate Hybrid Work-Out Week Four


Welcome to the fourth week in our Ultimate Hybrid yoga fitness program. Our emphasis is focused on generating more shoulder turn by incorporating yoga by combining breath, movement, stabilization of the core and fitness apparatus such as the Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer or resistance tubing. Note: These products are available in our on-line product store @
Although this week focuses on the shoulders, initiating the exercise from a strong core is essential. If you feel a lack of strength in the core, include last weeks archived article on building core strength with the Power Swing Trainer or with weights. Building your core strength from the base of the spine and the TVAs, act as a stabilizer for the trunk and support your center of gravity, the foundation for the golf swing. In yoga, as in golf, we want our poses and golf swing to originate from the deepest part of our lower abdominals.
Lets begin our shoulder sequence!
Chest / shoulder stretch with the Power Swing Trainer or resistance tubing:
Place the tubing in the hands with the palms facing forward and the tubing resting against the shoulder blades.

Hinge at your hips as you pull your navel towards the spine and you place yourself into your most athletic golf position. Inhale as you twist the torso to the left, maintaining eye contact with the ball and on the exhale twist to the right. Repeat ten times in each direction.
Increase Upper Body Strength with resistance tubing:
Large muscles of the back and triceps of the upper arm facilitate more turn and power from the trunk as well as power from the upper arms.
VIDEO: Increase Upper Body Strength
Pec stretch and chest press with resistance tubing:
Bring the tubing against the shoulder blades with the arms extended. On your exhalation, allow the arms to be pulled back, focusing on the stretch in the pecs and NOT the lumbar spine. Hold for three breaths and repeat three times.

Chest press:
Place the tubing slightly below the shoulder blades. Bend the knees and stabilize the core. On your exhalation, press the hands together as presented in the photo. Repeat ten times. Note: when the hands come together, squeeze the pecs together for an additional breath.

Next week we continue with our holistic approach to golf performance with tips on fueling your body for peak performance.
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