The Ultimate Hybrid Work-Out Week Three


I just returned from presenting my yoga-based golf fitness methodologies at the World Golf Summit. This four day event included thirty of the top experts in the field of golf and fitness. Other than Pia Nilsoon and Lynn Marriot who spoke on the mental aspect of the game, I was the only women invited to speak on golf and physical performance.
Many of the speakers presented information on golf biomechanics, research on injury prevention and the importance of training for golf. Although we have our own specific methods for training, we all agreed that core conditioning is essential for good golf and injury prevention.
Developing a strong core is essential for consistency, power and longevity in the game.
This weeks series incorporates the Golf Gym Power Swing trainer (PST) and yoga mat. You can use the Power Swing Trainer or substitute five and/or ten pound hand weights.
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Here are a few guidelines for training the core:
  • Breathing: Always move into the exertion phase of the exercise on your exhalation.

  • Initiate every movement by pulling the area below the navel and above the pubic bone towards the spine. This activates the lower abdominal muscles and stabilizes the lumbar spine.

  • In the standing sequence, the arms follow the body and the entire trunk moves as one piece.

  • In the supine position, begin by pressing the navel towards the spine and spine into the floor. Take the arch out of your lumbar spine.


Standing core rotation:
Place the PST in the door jam or hold a weight at waist height. Your body is facing parallel to the door. Bend the knees, pull the navel in and rotate away from the door. Remember the arms follow the trunk rotation. Repeat ten to twenty times and switch sides.

Oblique strengthener:
Place the feet wider than hip width apart, bend the knees and pull the navel towards the spine. Bring the PST or weight to the right shoulder. Hinge from the waist to the left as if you are crunching on the left side. Now bring your right shoulder to the right focusing on the stretch. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
Note: Move slowly in this exercise and pay attention to your breathing.

Core abdominal sequence:
The PST or weight is place in the hands, elbows tucked next to the body. Inhale deeply as you press your navel towards the spine and spine towards the floor. Exhale and lift the shoulders off the floor. Repeat twenty times, rest for one minute and repeat three sets.

Bring the right shoulder to the left knee as you lift the leg off the floor. Switch sides and repeat twenty times in each direction, rest for one minute and repeat three sets.

Extend the arms over the head bringing the arms to a forty-five degree angle to the floor. Tuck the chin into the chest and lift the upper body on your exhalations. Repeat twenty times, rest and repeat for three more sets.

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