The Ultimate Hybrid Work-Out Week Two


Define the word hybrid is defined as something made up of a mixture of different elements.
In the true meaning of the word, this weeks sequence of exercises blends yoga exercises targeting strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and abdominal stability. In addition, we are using various types of flexibility conditioning including active elongation. In the hamstring stretch we move into the full range of motion of the stretch, engage the muscles around the joint, thus increasing the intensity of the stretch.
Developing a strong, flexible and stable lower body is critical for the generation of power and consistency in golf.
In the golf swing the transference of power is a sequence beginning in the feet and transferring up the legs to the hips, including gluts, trunk then the shoulders, arms, hands and club. If one or parts of this chain of events is compromised by an inefficient use of is power, inconsistent swing patterns will appear as well as a leak of power.
This series on yoga and cross training methodologies incorporates four pieces of fitness apparatus. Note: You can use resistance tubing and a stretching strap for this weeks exercises.
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  • Golf Gym Power Swing Trainer (PST)
  • Golf Gym Balance Ball
    Here are a few guidelines:
    Breathing is essential for balance as well as getting maximum results. Exhale on the exertion segment of the exercise.Maintain a 90 degree angle at the knee joint ' do not allow the knee to move over the foot position.Always initiate your movement from the core. The arms follow the trunk, as in the golf swing.
    Here we go!
    Chair pose with PST: PAR, BIRDIE AND EAGLE Levels:
    Place the PST or resistance tubing in the door hinge slightly higher than chest height. Step away from the door until you have continuous resistance on the PST.
    PAR level: Place the feet wider than hip width apart.
    BIRDIE level: place the feet and knees together. Inhale deeply as you pull your navel towards your spine and sit back into the heels as if sitting back into a chair.
    Tip: You should be able to wiggle your toes as the majority of your weight is in your heels.
    Note: It is important that you maintain an upright upper body posture. This action strengthens the muscles of the back.
    On your exhalation, return to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

    Crescent lunge with golf club: PAR, BIRDIE AND EAGLE Levels:
    Step the right leg into a lunge position with the knee positioned at a ninety degree angle. Focus on bringing the quad parallel to the floor. Step the left leg behind you and lift the heel as high as possible. You will feel stretching in the toes and strengthening in the arch.

    Pull your navel into the spine, lift the ribcage off the waist and revolve the trunk so you are facing forward.
    Place the club in the left hand for balance. If you do not need the club place the hands on the waist or reaching to the ceiling.
    Inhale and bend deeply into the right leg, hold for a breath and on your exhalation return to the starting position. Repeat five to ten times and switch sides.
    Dynamic hamstring stretch with hip opener and twist: PAR, BIRDIE AND EAGLE Levels:
    Active elongation stretch:
    Bend the left knee and place the PST or resistance tubing around the left foot. Extend and place the right leg on the floor, flexing the right foot. Inhale deeply pressing your navel towards the spine. On the exhalation, extend the left leg, flexing the left foot. Repeat five times.

    Abdominal crunch:
    On your exhalation pull the upper body towards the left knee and hold for five deep breaths. Tuck your chin into your chest and press your ribcage towards your hips.

    Hip stretch:
    Bring your head to a resting position and place the PST in the left hand. Keep your right hip and right shoulder on the floor. Extend your left leg to the left focusing on the adductor and hip stretch. Hold for five breaths.
    Lumbar spine / glut stretch:
    Place the PST in the right hand, left shoulder is on the floor. Maintain a connection of the shoulder to the floor. Inhale and bring your left leg and hip over to the right side.
    Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.

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