The Ultimate Yoga Experience Walking the Course


The physical practice of yoga offers obvious benefits: increased flexibility, strength, balance, and mental focus. However, yoga provides less obvious benefits such as the ability to be fully present, to separate oneself from detrimental external forces, to concentrate intensely, and to control your breath.
Yoga for Golfers teaches ALL of yogas benefits, not just the physical. These tools are what separate YFG from other golf fitness programs.
Katherine RobertsYesterday I played golf at Iron Horse Golf Club in Whitefish, Montana. The physical beauty of this area combined with the challenge of Tom Fazios design made for a great day. As I walked the course, feeling my foot strike the soft earth and breathing in the mountain air, I am reminded of why I love this game.
Physically the benefits of walking cannot be overstated. In a normal round you will walk 3-4 miles and in Montana much of that terrain is hilly, making for a good cardiovascular workout.
This week provides you with a treadmill workout, helping you get into the physical shape necessary to walk the course.
Before beginning this treadmill workout or any physical exercise get the written approval of your physician.
On the treadmill:
  1. Prepare with the purchase of supportive shoes. I like Nike but you need to find shoes that fit your foot and biomechanical gait.

  2. Allow forty minutes for treadmill / cardio conditioning.
Your treadmill workout is as follows:
10 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline starts at 0.0 and finishes at 4.0.
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 5.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
5 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 6.0-8.0
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 9.0
4 minutes, speed 2.5-3.0, incline 1.0, cool down period.
After the cardio, focus on flexibility training. Focus on the hamstrings, quads and hip flexors. The restorative pose, legs up the wall should be done in your home or hotel room with total privacy and NO noise. Hold the restorative pose for three to five minutes.
The Yoga of Golf
Breathe deeply, feel the earth below and focus on the rhythm of your body in unison with the environment. The true gift of golf!
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