Workout like the Pros - Week 2


Upper Body Flexibility Equals More Turn

Pros have access to the most current scientific biomechanical research and some of the best trainers in the world. Even if you are not as fortunate as the pros or as committed to your golf fitness programs, you can reap the same benefits by working your own strength and flexibility program.

Last week we shared a weight / resistance tubing strengthening program for the upper body. This week we expand on the upper body program by providing more yoga poses intended to increase your upper body flexibility. Always engage your core abdominals, lengthen the ribcage off the waist and breathe deeply through the nose.

Lets get started!

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Standing chest opener at the wall: Place your right hip approximately six inches off the wall. Bring your right hand, palm facing the wall slightly below shoulder height. Draw the navel towards the spine and on the exhalation revolve the torso and chest away from the wall. Focus on the stretch in the chest. Inhale returning to the starting position, exhale and repeat five times. Switch sides.

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Down dog at the wall: Place the hands slightly below the shoulders. Place the feet hip width apart and walk the feet back until the body becomes parallel to the floor. Roll the shoulders away from the ears and press the hands into the wall. Focus on the stretch in the shoulders, low back and hamstrings. Hold for ten breaths.

Katherine Roberts

Upper back strengthener on the ball: Place the ball under your hips or practice this pose on all fours without the ball. Pull your navel towards your spine, stabilize your core and on your exhalation lift your arm as you focus on the upper back. Hold for three breaths and repeat five times. Switch sides.

Katherine Roberts

I recommend your practice your upper body program on alternating days from the lower body and if you are challenged with flexibility, practice this series on a daily basis.

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