Yoga Ball Fitness - Week 3 - Lower Body Flexibility


In the golf swing we often focus solely on the range of motion in the upper body and torso. Although flexibility and strength in these areas are important the lower body should not be over looked. For twenty years I have been coaching professional athletes on the importance of the balance between flexibility and strength. These two yoga poses support this balance and focus on the following physical and performance issues:
Areas effected:
Hips and groin
Core stabilization
Increased range of motion in the trunk
Mental focus
Golf benefits:
Hip rotation and lower body strength for more power
Core stability
Push off power
Swing stabilization
Let's begin this week's poses.....
Warrior II / Lunge pose on the Ball:

Warrior II / Lunge pose

Place the ball inline with the mid-line of your body (in alignment with your spine). Revolve the left leg inward, placing the foot at a 90 to 45 degree angle. This position is important for increasing flexibility in the ankles.
Warrior II / Lunge pose

Inhale as you draw the navel towards the spine, press the tailbone down to protect the back form arching and lift the ribcage up.
Warrior II / Lunge pose

Exhale as your bend your right knee to a 90 degree angle and bring your body to the ball. Imagine that you are squeezing the ball to activate the adductors and quads. Repeat ten times and then extend the arm, as you roll the shoulders back, squeeze the shoulder blades together and hold for a slow count of twenty (or five slow breaths). Switch sides. Repeat three sets for each side.
Triangle pose on the Ball:

Triangle pose

Place the left foot forward approximately four feet. Align the right foot so it revolves inward at a 90 degree angle. Engage the quadriceps as you press the legs into the ball for stabilization. Activate the adductors and pull the navel towards the spine as you lift he ribcage up!
Triangle pose

Position #1: Inhale deeply and lengthen the left side of the body as you stretch over the left leg. Note: pay attention to the alignment of the left knee. If your left hip is tight the left knee will revolve inward. Maintain a straight line from the center of the left knee to the top of the left foot.
Triangle pose

Position #2: Exhale as you bring the left hand to the left leg. Focus on the stretch in the lower body.
Triangle pose

Position #3: Inhale deeply and as you exhale revolve the ribcage towards the ceiling. Eyes can focus on the floor or towards the ceiling for a more challenging balancing position.
Position #4: Inhale as you come back to the position without the twisting motion, exhale and repeat five times.
Position #5: Now hold the pose for five more breaths.
Switch sides and repeat.
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