Yoga Ball Fitness - Week 4 - Expanded Lower Body Flexibility


Last week we utilized the Warrior II and Triangle pose to work on flexibility in the lower body. This week we add to the program with the Scissor and Revolving Triangle pose. Both poses require tremendous focus on balance, breathing and core conditioning to maintain proper alignment.
Areas effected:
Core stabilization
Lumber and thoracic spine muscles
Golf benefits:
Increases hip rotation and strength for more power
Core strength and increased ROM
Increased endurance
More consistency
Swing plane stabilization
Let's begin this week's poses.....
Scissor pose:

The title of this pose was developed by the image of the hinge of a scissors. Similarly the hips are aligned so that they are level ' the right hip moves backward and the left hip moves forward.
Scissor pose preparation:

Place the right foot forward, left foot back and squeeze the Thera-Ball between your legs. Focus on your quads and core as you draw your navel towards your spine. Keep breathing!

Par level: Note: If necessary feel free to place a chair in front of you and bring your hands to the back of the chair.
Sissor pose

Birdie Level: Bring the hands to the hips. Inhale deeply as you lengthen the spine and pull the belly in, exhale as you hinge from the hips, folding forward over the right leg. Remember to pull the right hip back! Inhale again and exhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat five times.
Sissor pose

Eagle Level: Bring the body so it is parallel to the floor. Extend the arms to the side (like an airplane) focusing on rolling the shoulders back and working the upper back and shoulder muscles. Do not hyper-extend the neck.
Revolving Triangle pose:

Revolving Triangle pose

Bring the upper body back to the starting position. Inhale deeply and pull your navel towards your spine. Exhale and fold forward over the right leg. Slide the left hand to the right quad or knee. Inhale as you bring the right hand to your waist. Exhale and twist from your torso. Return to the starting position and repeat in a dynamic, fluid movement five times.
Revolving Triangle pose

Extend the right arm up, palm facing away from you and hold for a slow count of ten. Switch sides.
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