8 Weeks to Better Golf - Week 10


Yes, this is week 10 of an 8 week series! Many of you have requested what to do for stretching the muscles we have worked during this series, so for the next few weeks Ill recap each week with a flexibility exercise that will increase your range of motion and decrease muscle stiffness! If you are just joining us, I have been demonstrating exercises specifically for your golf muscles using training aids you will find in a fitness facility or to travel with or to use in the comfort of your home. If you need to purchase any of the items used simply visit the golf fitness pro shop to order! If you need instructions for the exercises pictured you can refer to weeks 1-9.
Lets get started!
Exercises for the adductor (inner thigh) region such as the seated adductor or stability ball adductor lift pictured below require a good stretch of the adductor muscle. Take a minimum of 30 seconds after completing your adductor exercise and stretch your legs using a stretching aid.

The inner thigh (adductor) is crucial to the golf swing because it is part of the hip girdle which helps generate power in your swing.
Start: Sit upright and place the soles of your feet together. Action: Wrap the stretching aid under your feet and gently pull your heels towards the groin area.Finish: Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.
Exercises for the triceps such as the tricep dip, stability ball press, or exertube tricep extension pictured below require a good stretch of the tricep. Take a minimum of 30 seconds after completing your tricep exercise and stretch the tricep region using a stretching aid.

Exercises for the chest such as the seated chest press, stability ball push up, or exertube press pictured below require a good stretch of the chest. Take a minimum of 30 seconds after completing your chest exercise and stretch the chest region using a stretching aid.

Start: Stand with both feet shoulder width apart and hips rotated forward. Place the loop into the right hand and extend the stretching aid overhead. Place the opposite hand behind the back and grip the stretching aid. Action: : Bend the elbow of the extended arm and slowly pull downward on the stretching aid. Finish: Release the tension and repeat but the second time increase the stretch. Tips: Keep the knees and abdomen flexed. Do not arch the back.

This week Im at The Masters and I look forward to sharing fitness tips with you from the pros in the upcoming weeks!
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