Add Power to Your Swing - Week 7


We only have a few more weeks of this series and many of you have emailed me with some terrific results youve already seen from this fitness routine.
Michael from Century City says: After 3 weeks I could tell a difference in my rotation and have added distance.
Bob from Naples says: I noticed a big change in my ability to make it through 18 holes and not be stiff in my back or shoulders after my round.
Jeff from Austin says: I cant believe how easy these exercises are and how good I feel. Ive started doing the stretch trainer routine every morning and every evening.
Are you ready for week 7 of our series Add Power to Your Swing? In this series we are improving flexibility by using a dynamic method prior to your round and a static method after your round.
We are using a club on the range and a golf specific stretch trainer for your post round exercises. The stretch trainer is specifically designed with foot webbing and handgrips to implement a static stretching process. If you do not have a stretch trainer you can acquire one in the Pro Shop.
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Remember: Flexibility is one of the most important components of your golf swing. Stretching can lengthen your golf swing and increase your club head speed. As flexibility decreases, a golfer will try to compensate for the lack of flexibility in the hips, legs and back by altering their swing. If your swing is hindered by poor flexibility you could create stress on the low back region. A thorough golf specific stretching program enhances your capacity to lengthen your muscles which in turn increases your movement range and improving your flexibility.
Review the exercises from weeks 1 through 6. This series is a progression program. Each week you will have a pre-round and post round exercise to do. For example, complete the exercises from weeks 1 through 7 for a total of 7 pre-round and 7 post round exercises!
Now lets get started...
Pre-Round Tricep Warm Up

Tricep Stretch with Swing TrainerTricep Stretch with Swing Trainer

Stand with both feet shoulder width apart and hips rotated forward. Raise one arm overhead and place the club behind you. Reach around with the opposite hand and grip the club. Pull downward on the club 4-6 inches and then release and lift the club upward 4-6 inches. Repeat the same action to the opposite side.
Par Level: 10 reps
Birdie Level: 15 reps
Eagle Level: 20 reps
If you have questions about your current golf fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on
Post Round Tricep Stretch

Tricep StretchTricep StretchTricep Stretch

Stand with both feet shoulder width apart and hips rotated forward. Place the loop into your hand and extend the stretch trainer overhead. Place the opposite hand behind the back and grip the stretch trainer. Bend the elbow of the extended arm and slowly pull downward on the stretch trainer. Once you have found a comfortable stretch hold this position for 30 seconds. Release the tension and repeat, but the second time increase the stretch.

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