A Balanced Swing - Week 1


Welcome to week 1 of our new series A Balanced Swing! With my golf fitness classes you can improve your golf game, increase your fitness level and accomplish your New Years resolution of getting healthy! For this series we have been using a weighted club and a balance Bosu ball. Both can be purchased in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop at a discount for Golf Channel subscribers.
Kelly Blackburn

When you incorporate the balance ball into your workouts, you improve balance, flexibility and coordination for your golf swing by calling on the core muscles of the body.
Step 1: To determine your current fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on KellyBlackburn.com.
Step 2: Print a copy of the strength training log.
Step 3: Each week you will have 2 new exercises. This is a progressive workout which means that every week you will perform the new exercises along with the exercises from weeks prior.

Step 4: Perform the workout 2-3 times a week for maximum results!

Here are the benefits you can receive from this series:
1) Improve balance
2) Increase flexibility
3) Improve coordination
4) Strengthen core muscles: abdominal, mid and lower back muscles
Increase core strength, balance and ball striking by training on the balance ball with your weighted swing trainer. BOSU Balance Trainer helps to strengthen and coordinate your body including the muscles that you don't see. BOSU Balance Trainer targets the core muscles of your body'those muscles around your abdominal and back area'helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body. Your BOSU Balance Trainer is available with a workout video, a pump and exercise manual!
Let's get started on this week's exercises....
Target Drill

Target Drill - Kelly Blackburn Target Drill - Kelly Blackburn

Stand atop the balance ball and assume the address position with your weighted club. Slowly draw the club back to parallel to the ground. Hold for a 4 second count and slowly return to the start position.
Target Drill - Kelly Blackburn

Remember to check your balance. If you are leaning too far forward or too far backward you will be unstable in your address position.

Recommended Reps:
Par Level: 10 reps
Birdie Level: 15 reps
Eagle Level: 20 reps

Dont give up on that resolution so quickly! Get started on a healthier new you and improve your game! See the golf fitness DVDs and training aids available in the pro shop at a 15% savings! Remember you will need a balance ball and weighted club starting next week!
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