Fit-in-Fifteen - Week 2


What a great week in golf! Monday started the week with the induction of Larry Nelson and Vijay Singh into the World Golf Hall of Fame and ended with Adam Scott winning the TOUR Championship! Congrats to all, but especially to Larry and Gayle Nelson who were my first TOUR family clients and over the years have become dear friends!
Kelly Blackburn and Larry Nelson

Residing in both Atlanta and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida affords me two different climates, but let me say that I for one welcome the TOUR Championship move to September for 2007! I was not ready to wake up to temps in the 30s several mornings last week in Atlanta and head to the course!
Now let me welcome you to week 2 of Fit-In-Fifteen! Training at home is inexpensive, easy, and convenient. Comfortably nestled in the confines of your own home you have no legitimate excuse for ignoring your training regimen, even though you may find hundreds of reasons to put it off. The fact is that you have to make the time to work out at home and with this workout series youll only need 15 minutes!
The first step is to test yourself using the Fitness Analyzer. These tests give you a starting point of reference. You will find a training log and as you work through your regimen, list each exercise that you perform each day because seeing your results is an important part of the process. Long before you see measurable results in the mirror or on the course, you can see demonstrable results in black and white through this log. If you are just joining us please refer to week 1 to review prior workouts.
We will be using equipment that is affordable and easy to store at home. For those of you who travel, you can easily pack any of these pieces to continue your workouts on the road! We will be using a weighted swing trainer, weighted ball, stability ball, strength tube, and stretch trainer for this series. Any or all of these items can be purchased in the golf fitness pro shop.
Lets get started!
Weighted Club
Half Backswing Drill
Half Backswing Drill

Strength Training

1. Start with the Strength Trainer at address.
Strength Training

2. Swing it half way back to 12:00 and hold for 2 seconds.
Strength Training

3. Then return the Strength Trainer back to the address position.

1. Swing SLOWLY and DELIBERATELY holding the completion of each drill for 2 seconds.
2. Repeat the drill for 1 minute before moving on.
Weighted Ball
Golf & Fitness Connection: In addition to insuring good posture throughout the swing, the abs are the opposite muscle group to balance the muscles of the lower back.
Weighted Ball Crunch
Weight Ball Crunch

Repeat the drill for 1 minute before moving on
Stability Ball
Balanced Push Up
Balanced Push-Up

Repeat the drill for 1 minute before moving on
Strength Tube
Stationary Lunge Drill
Kelly Blackburn Kelly Blackburn

Place one foot center of the tubing and place the opposite foot back. Raise the tubing to shoulder height to increase tension. Bending the knees, slowly descend downward being careful not to move forward over the front knee. It should take you to the count of 4 to get to a comfortable lunge position. Slowly return to the start position for 4 counts and repeat for 1 minute before moving to the opposite side.
Stretch Trainer
Mid Back Stretch
Strengthen Back with Stretch Trainer

Stand with both feet center strap of the Stretch Trainer. Slowly bend at the waist towards the floor until your torso is parallel to the floor. Slowly round the back upward and pull tension on the stretch trainer. When you have reached a comfortable position hold the position and contract the abdomen for 1 minute.
Now that you have completed all 5 exercises, go back to the beginning and repeat all 5 again for two more complete sets that will equal a total of 15 minutes! Your goal is to complete the entire workout 3 times in a 7 day period. If you need variety, switch between week 1 and 2! Remember to visit the pro shop if you need any of the training aids that we are using in this series!
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