Fundamentally Fit For Your Game - Week 2


Welcome to week 2 of our workout series Fundamentally Fit for Your Game! Each week we will use training tools found in the Pro Shop at a discounted rate for all Golf Channel subscribers. We will be using a wide variety of tools from a weighted swing trainer to your golf cart to keep you fit for your game! This weeks tips highlights the abdomen featuring the weighted power ball which is easy to store, compact to travel with and lightweight. The power ball is accompanied by an easy to follow handbook with over 40 medicine ball exercises for the upper body, lower body, core and strength training.
Kelly Blackburn

Here are the benefits you can receive from this training device:
1) Strengthen the legs for more stability in your golf swing
2) Strengthen the trunk which is critical in making an effective turn
3) Strengthen the upper arms for added distance off the tee
4) Increase cardiovascular capacity for 18 consistent holes
5) Ultimately increase your overall fitness level and reduce your handicap!
Now lets get started!
Torso Rotation

Torso Rotation Drill:  Step 1 Torso Rotation Drill:  Step 2

Start: Sit on a bench or chair with your back upright and abs tight. Extend the ball in front of you just below shoulder height.
Action: Slowly rotate to one side, keeping your arms extended as if you were placing the ball on the floor beside you without bending your arms and without lifting your buttocks off the bench. Rotate as far as possible, then slowly return to the start position and repeat.
Par Level: 10 reps
Birdie Level: 15 reps
Eagle Level: 20 reps
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Assisted Abdominal Crunch

Assisted Abdominal Crunch

If you have an ab roller (a training device that holds your head and shoulders in place as you exercise your abdominal region), lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, lightly hold the ab roller, and flex your abdominal muscles, lifting upward and tightening your abs. If you dont have an ab roller, placing your hands behind your head and keeping your neck stable while flexing your abdominal muscles achieves the same results.
Par Level: 10 reps
Birdie Level: 15 reps
Eagle Level: 20 reps
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