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This week we will strengthen the chest muscles for more consistency throughout your swing! We are using the Rock-N-Flex balance board and strength tubing to accomplish these exercises that can be done from the comfort of home or while traveling. These easy to follow exercises will prepare you for the stress of the game, increase your fitness level and enhance your on-course performance.
This program was featured on The Natural Golf Makeover Challenge. The Rock-N-Flex is two pieces of equipment in one. The balance board is used for core strengthening exercises while the strength tubing concentrates on upper body strength for your game. Combine the two for an overall total body golf conditioning workout! The Rock-N-Flex can be found in the pro shop.

Now lets get started!
A strong chest draws the arms closer at address and keeps the relationship between the arms consistent throughout the swing. The pectoral muscles provide critical balance to the muscles in the upper back that must be strong and active in the swing. A strong chest keeps a strong back properly balanced and allows for all the muscles in the torso to work as a coordinated unit during the swing. An exercise as simple as a push up will help strengthen your chest, but by using a balance board you will also strengthen the core muscles of your torso.

Balanced Push Up

Start: Place your palms at each end of the balance board and assume the push up position either military or modified as shown above.
Action: Flex your abdomen and slowly descend your torso towards the board. Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to the start position. Repeat 10 times.

Tube Chest PressTube Chest Press

Start: Place one foot in the tubing and place the opposite forward. Place the tubing behind your upper arms and place the arms in a simulated goal post position.
Action: Slowly press both arms forward across your chest leading with your elbows. Hold for a few seconds and return to the start position. Repeat 10 times.
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