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This week we will strengthen the core muscles for improved balance at address and strengthen the torso for a greater rotation for your backswing which equates to more power off the tee! We are using the Rock-N-Flex balance board and strength tubing to accomplish these exercises that can be done from the comfort of home or while traveling. These easy to follow exercises will prepare you for the stress of the game, increase your fitness level and enhance your on-course performance.
This program was featured on The Natural Golf Makeover Challenge. The Rock-N-Flex is two pieces of equipment in one. The balance board is used for core strengthening exercises while the strength tubing concentrates on upper body strength for your game. Combine the two for an overall total body golf conditioning workout! The Rock-N-Flex can be found in the pro shop.


Now lets get started!
The lack of muscle strength in your trunk can inhibit proper setup and cause you to slouch. You cant make a proper golf swing from a poor setup, and you cant set yourself in the proper position at address without some degree of core strength. These two exercises may look simple, but you will discover that when balance is required to execute an exercise, the level of difficulty goes up a notch! But then again, arent we doing these weekly classes to take your game to the next level?

Balanced Torso Rotation for Backswing

Start: Place the a club across the back and hook both elbows to secure. Place both feet at address position atop the Rock-N-Flex. Flex the abdomen and place torso at address position.
Action: Slowly rotate the torso to the top of the backswing. Hold for 5 seconds.
Finish: Return to the start position. Repeat 10 times.
Tips: Keep the head focused at the tee.

Tube Resistant SquatTube Resistant Squat

Start: Place your feet shoulder width apart atop the tubing. Raise the handles to shoulder height to increase resistance.
Action: Bending the knees, slowly squat as though you were sitting back in a chair. Hold for 5 seconds.
Finish: Flex your buttocks and press through your heels upward to the start position. Repeat 10 times.
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