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This week we will strengthen the quadricep muscles for a stable foundation throughout your swing and increase cardiovascular capacity for more stamina through 18 holes! We are using the Rock-N-Flex balance board and strength tubing to accomplish these exercises that can be done from the comfort of home or while traveling. These easy to follow exercises will prepare you for the stress of the game, increase your fitness level and enhance your on-course performance.
This program was featured on The Natural Golf Makeover Challenge. The Rock-N-Flex is two pieces of equipment in one. The balance board is used for core strengthening exercises while the strength tubing concentrates on upper body strength for your game. Combine the two for an overall total body golf conditioning workout! The Rock-N-Flex can be found in the pro shop.


If you are like a majority of Americans, you have more leisure time and more disposable income to devote to golf after the age of 40. The problem is your body doesnt have the stamina to take advantage of it. You may have time and desire to play 18 holes on Saturday, but instead you play 14 good holes, two lackluster holes and two bad holes before retiring to the couch for an afternoon nap! Keep in mind that after the age of 40 you have to exert as much as 25% more energy than you did at 30 to complete the same task. You may not think of cardio conditioning being critical to good golf scores, but it increases stamina and focus for 18 consistent holes!
Now lets get started with exercises to increase your stamina....

Stationary Resistent Lunge

Start: Place one foot on the tube and extend the opposite leg back. Raise the heel of the back foot.
Action: Bending the knees, slowly descend until the back knee is 6-12 inches from the floor. Hold for 5 seconds.
Finish: Flex your buttocks and press through the heel of the front foot upward to the start position. Repeat 10 times.

Balance Cardio DrillBalance Cardio Drill

Start: Place one foot on the Rock-N-Flex and extend the opposite leg back. Raise the heel of the back foot.
Action: Bending the knee, raise the rear leg forward and up using your arms to counter balance.
Finish: Return to the start position and repeat 10 times. Do the same for the opposite side.
Note: You may want to try this on the ground first until you get the feel of the exercise. Remember if you use the board you will have to incorporate balance in addition to the cardio drill.
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