Golf Fitness on the Go - Week 1


Welcome to our new series, Golf Fitness on the Go. This series will feature a variety of products that are easy to store, compact to travel with and lightweight. Our first class features the Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer.
Stretch Trainer

The handgrips are designed so you can increase the tension felt in the stretch by changing handgrip position. This also allows you to visually monitor your improvement. The foot strap is designed to grip the shoe so you can change or isolate the stretch by rotating the foot inward and outward. The loops are for positions which require full extension, making it easy on the wrist. The Stretch Trainer is required for this series and can be found in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop.
Here are the benefits you can receive from this series:
  • Improve flexibility to lower the risk of injuries and improve range of motion

  • Increase flexibility of the shoulder girdle for more stability at the top of your back swing

  • Increase flexibility of the upper legs for improved balance during your swing

  • Increase flexibility of your hip girdle for more power and club head speed

  • Increase flexibility of the lower legs for more push-off power in the downswing

  • Increase the flexibility of the trunk which is critical in making an effective turn

  • Increase the flexibility of the forearms and wrists for better club control

  • Ultimately increase your overall fitness level!

Flexibility is vital to the game of golf and general fitness. Stretching while the muscles are warm and supple will increase long-term range of motion. These exercises will speed recovery and reduce the likelihood of residual stiffness. All of the exercises will be performed two times using a static technique (no bouncing) before advancing to the next exercise. The stretch will be accelerated slightly farther the second time, which will produce maximum gains in flexibility. Move into each stretch to a comfortable position. Never stretch to the point of pain and hold each stretch, including acceleration, 30 seconds each.
Now lets get started!

Stretching Your Foundation - assisted calf stretch

Start: Sit with your legs extended, feet upright and wrap the center of the stretch trainer across the right ball the foot. Sit upright holding on to each side of the stretch trainer.
Action: Slowly pull the stretch trainer toward the torso keeping equal tension to create the stretch.
Finish: Return to the start position and repeat, but the second time increase the stretch.
Tips: Keep the abdomen flexed. Insure upper back posture. Keeping the lower leg flexible will add more push-off power in the downswing.

Tricep StretchTricep Stretch

Start: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hips rotated forward, place the loop of the Stretch Trainer over your left hand and raise your hand over your head with the strap dangling behind you. Place the opposite hand behind your back and grip the Stretch Trainer.
Action: Bending the elbow of the extended arm, slowly pull down on the strap, stretching the triceps muscle, and repeat with both arms. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.
Finish: Release the tension and repeat but the second time increase the stretch.
Tip: Flexible triceps assist with getting the club deep in your backswing.

Chest & Shoulder

Start: Stand with both feet shoulder width apart and hips rotated forward. Place the stretch trainer behind the back and grip with both hands at shoulder width, palms up.
Action: Expand the chest while raising the stretch trainer back and slightly upward to create the stretch.
Finish: Return to the start position and repeat but the second time increase the stretch.
Tips: Keep the abdomen flexed and the neck in a neutral position. Keep both knees slightly flexed. Do not arch the back. This stretch extends the range of motion for arms and shoulder girdle.

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