Golf Fitness on the Go - Week 3


This week we will concentrate on exercises for your back region. The number one question that I receive is also the number one injury I see on the course.back problems.

Even if a golfer has a flawless swing, there is still risk of injury due to the fact that the swing uses the back for leverage. Each time a swing is made, the back has to change position, resist torque, compress and rotate along its axis. The back incurs stress as the hips rotate in the swing therefore, most injuries occur at the lower region of the spine.
Try these simple exercises to help alleviate back pain and feel better! You will need the Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer easily acquired in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop. The handgrips are designed so you can increase the tension felt in the stretch by changing handgrip position. This also allows you to visually monitor your improvement. The foot strap is designed to grip the shoe so you can change or isolate the stretch by rotating the foot inward and outward. The loops are for positions, which require full extension, making it easy on the wrist.
Stretch Trainer

Now lets get started!

Strengthen Back with Stretch Trainer

Start: Stand with both feet center strap of the Stretch Trainer.
Action: Slowly bend at the waist towards the floor until your torso is parallel to the floor. Slowly round the back upward and pull tension on the stretch trainer.
Finish: When you have reached a comfortable position hold the position and contract the abdomen.

Low Back stretchLow Back stretch

Start: Lie back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Pull the right leg to the chest and wrap the center of the stretch trainer around the back of the thigh.
Action: Hold the Stretch Trainer equally on both sides and slowly bend the knee into the chest to create the stretch.
Finish: Release the tension and repeat but the second time increase the stretch.

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