Golf Fitness on the Go - Week 4


This week we will concentrate on exercises for your bicep and forearm region. Flexible upper arms and forearms will promote better club control.

You will need the Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer that is easily acquired in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop. This product is featured on the Natural Golf Makeover Challenge reality show airing next week on The Golf Channel. All Golf Channel viewers receive FREE shipping and handling with this product. The handgrips are designed so you can increase the tension felt in the stretch by changing handgrip position. This also allows you to visually monitor your improvement. The foot strap is designed to grip the shoe so you can change or isolate the stretch by rotating the foot inward and outward. The loops are for positions which require full extension, making it easy on the wrist.
Stretch Trainer

All of the exercises will be performed two times using a static technique (no bouncing) before advancing to the next exercise. The stretch will be accelerated slightly farther the second time, which will produce maximum gains in flexibility. Move into each stretch to a comfortable position. Never stretch to the point of pain and hold each stretch, including acceleration, 30 seconds each.
Now lets get started!

Bicep and Forearm Stretch

Start: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hips rotated forward, place your right hand into the loop of the Stretch Trainer.
Action: Holding your arm straight out in front of you, slowly pull downward on the Stretch Trainer until you feel the stretch in your biceps and your forearms.
Finish: Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat to the opposite side.
Many of you have written to me about stress that you feel in your neck region. Because your head has to remain stable in your swing, there is tension created in this area during play. Try this simple exercise to help alleviate stress you may feel.

Neck StretchNeck Stretch

Start: Stand with both feet shoulder width apart and hips rotated forward. Wrap the center of the stretch trainer around the upper back of the head.
Action: Hold onto the stretch trainer equally and slowly drop the chin to chest. The hands will create a greater stretch by serving as anchors.
Finish: Release the tension and repeat.
Tips: Do not pull downward with force. Keep the knees and abdomen flexed.

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