Golf Fitness QA - Week 6


Welcome to the final week of Golf Fitness Q&A! Flexibility and balance are the question topics for this week! I have taken your questions and categorized them from the most common to the not so common. I will be answering 2 per week along with demonstrations using different types of equipment. If you need any of the training aids that will be used in this series, simply visit the golf fitness Pro Shop! If you are just joining us, you can refer to weeks 1 through 5 to see if your questions were answered!
Lets get started!
I need an exercise to stretch my shoulders and upper back? I do have a swiss ball so if you have an exercise using the ball that would be great.
Steve ' Phoenix, AZ
Scott ' The shoulder girdle is very important when it comes to the golf swing. A strong, flexible shoulder girdle will help you stay steady at the top of your backswing. This exercise will improve your shoulder flexibility. Repeat this exercise daily!
Kneeling Shoulder Stretch

External Shoulder Rotations

Can you recommend a stretch for the front of my hips? They start to ache after walking 18 holes and carrying my bag.
Susan ' Ft Worth, TX
Susan ' Glad to hear you are walking instead of using a cart! Make sure you are using a double strap to carry your bag and equalize the weight across your back and hips. Heres a simple stretch to do for your hip flexors!
Hip Girdle Stretch

Hip Girdle Stretch

I have been doing your exercises for better balance. Do you have a simple test to do that will measure my balance?
Tim ' Detroit, MI
Tim ' Heres an easy way to measure your progress!
Balance Test

Next week we will begin our Winter Workout series!
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