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Aloha! For the past 8 weeks I have shared the same training tips for your body and game as I have implemented with players readying them for the new season. The time has arrived with the first round of the Mercedes Championships only days away! Now that the holidays have come and gone many of you, okay hundreds of you, have emailed me with the question of how to lose those extra pounds. There is no miracle pill and I simply loathe the word diet so that brings us back to good old fashion math. You have to expend more calories than you take in, and you have got to start moving! If exercise is to be part of your life in order to reach your goal and become healthier and fit, then why not implement an exercise routine to better you game while increasing your overall health! I want to share a particular story from The Golf Channel Makeover Challenge from season one.
Ralph Sanzeri, San Jose, CA
Occupation: Police Officer

Ralph Sanzeri

Ralph Before & After
300 LBS vs. 240 LBS

From the diary of Ralph Sanzeri...
Lets get real folks I was a chubby little kid. Growing up I played all the sports and games, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, street hockey, roller skating, ice skating, wrestling, swimming. You name it, we did it. In college I decided to be a weight lifter and continued that through my work career. As an adult I was always a big man, but not in too bad of shape. I still played softball, football, basketball, and played golf. Somewhere along the way, I reduced my exercise to getting out of a golf cart at the green. This coincided with a back injury that occurred 6 + years ago.
The bottom line is at the beginning of the Makeover Challenge I was 5 foot 10 inches and 300 lbs.. NOT GOOD!! Kelly gave me the knowledge and motivation to succeed. The program is simple.
#1 Nutrition: Cut your portions by , no fried foods, no sugar, and no carbohydrates after 2 p.m. rice, bread, pasta or potatoes.
#2 Exercise: Now there are all sorts of ways to exercise, but the best for me was 4-5 days a week power walking 35-40 minutes. I also used Kellys book, Exercises for Elite Golf Performance the DVD Strength for Your Game and the Strength Training Club. This book, DVD and club had everything I needed.
I still am 5-10, but now weigh 240 lbs. Not a skinny minny by any means, but I am a lot healthier and feeling better. Kellys philosophy and program works. Im well on my way to the goal of my original weight of 8 lbs. 4oz.!! ...Ralph Sanzeri

In closing let me say that regardless of your goals, take one day at a time. Simply cutting your portions in half, cutting certain carbohydrates late in the day, drinking more water and implementing small doses of exercise can make an incredible distance in how you look and feel in a short period of time!
Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your questions and support as I begin this new season with The Golf Channel. I bid all of you a healthy and happy 2005!
Stay Fit for Golf!
Kelly Blackburn

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