Improving your swing Abdominal strength


This week our focus is on the swing, specifically providing you with a fitness tip on how to improve the back swing and contact through impact. When we break down the golf swing and examine specifically the back swing and through impact there are many parts of the body involved in this complex movement.
One area of the body that is always active in the golf swing is the core.
This exercise targets the glutes, and upper and oblique abdominals. These various parts of your abdominals and glutes play a role in maintaining a smooth, consistent back swing and help you generate power through impact.
To successfully execute the following tip you will need a stability ball (check out for the stability ball and complete ball workout DVD).
In this video I suggest you practice each series of abdominal crunches 50 times. If 50 times is too much, simply go to muscle fatigue. Remember to breathe deeply during the exercise, exhaling on the exertion phase of the swing.
Sending you all the best health, happiness and great golf during this Thanksgiving week!

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