Investing wisely in your game Week 22


Welcome to week 22 of this series. These days we are all watching our dollars closely and diversifying our investments. Your golf game deserves the same attention! Investing in good equipment, professional lessons and time on the range is just the beginning. Taking time to invest in your fitness regimen for your game is budget friendly and a great return on your investment of time!

It’s important to structure your golf fitness program to enhance your overall performance on and off the course. Focus on stabilization work by using several muscle groups. Implement fitness tools which allow you to move your body in a more functional setting. These include stability balls, weighted balls, balance boards, traditional dumbbells, weighted club and the benefit of using your own bodyweight. All of these tools are budget friendly and are compact to travel with you! We will be using these tools to increase strength, flexibility, power and balance for your game.

This week we will be using the weighted swing trainer which can be purchased online in the Golf Fitness Pro Shop.

Don’t forget to print a Progress Chart to note each exercise and the number of repetitions. We will add a new exercise each week and your goal will be to complete each of them 2-3 times a week! If you are just joining us, see weeks 1-21 to catch up!

Points to remember:

1. Start the golf swing by turning your shoulders and your hips in unison to a point where the shaft is pointing at 9:00 before your hands get involved.

2. Start the downswing by shifting your weight off of the right foot as you turn your hips.

3. In the downswing at 10:30, start straightening the right arm and flattening the left wrist to insure a square clubface at impact and beyond impact for 12 inches.

4. Finish in balance and facing the target.

5. Swing SLOWLY and DELIBERATELY holding the completion of each drill for 2 seconds.


Week 221) Swing the Strength Trainer to the top of your backswing. Hold for 2 seconds.

Week 222) Shift your weight off of your right foot as you turn your hips while swinging down to 10:30. Hold for 2 seconds.

Week 223) From 10:30, straighten your right arm and flatten your left wrist squaring up the clubface to 5:00.

Week 224) Keep swinging through to 3:00 creating maximum extension. Hold for 2 seconds.

Par Level = 12 reps

Birdie Level = 15 reps

Eagle Level = 20 reps


If you have questions about your current golf fitness level, take the Fitness Analyzer on
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